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Hours of Operation: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4 p.m.

About Faith West Academy in Katy TX

As an accredited and inter-denominational Christian preschool, Faith West Academy provides academic and religious child care. Conveniently located in Katy, TX, our preschool is able to serve the child care needs of families in our immediate community, as well as a number of the surrounding areas.

Our preschool and our private, inter-denominational Christian school have upheld the highest educational standards since 1982. These 31 years of professional experience makes us more than qualified to prepare your young children for kindergarten, as well as helping feed their faith and academic potential. Today, we are proud to say that we have over 600 students currently enrolled at Faith West Academy, and are excited about what else God has in our future! Contact us for more information on our approach to child care. We proudly serve families from Katy, Cypress, Richmond and Brookshire, Texas.

What Our Christian Preschool Offers

The child care programs that Faith West Academy provides are supported by the highest academic standards, as well as trained and experienced academic staff. It is our mission to help your child grow, develop and learn while in our care, so we ensure that we provide educational opportunities during all of the following programs:

Contact us
 if you want to learn more about the preschool programs we offer! We would be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Our preschool serves the areas of Katy, Cypress, Richmond and Brookshire, Texas.

Leadership Board (School Board)

Gary Kerr in Katy, TX

Gary Kerr
Pastor and Founder

Jimmy Botter in Katy, TX

Jimmy Botter
Financial Manager

Allen Strickland in Katy, TX

Allen Strickland
School Chaplain

Chip McKenzie in Katy, TX

Chip McKenzie
Board Member

Kirk Rightmire in Katy, TX

Kirk Rightmire
Public Relations Director

Phillip Tryon in Katy, TX

Phillip Tryon
Board Member

Administrative Team

Gary Kerr in Katy, TX

Gary Kerr
Chairman (Non-Voting)

Mary Strickland in Katy, TX

Mary Strickland
Secondary Principal

Terry Boling in Katy, TX

Terry Boling
Elementary Principal

Vicky Gough in Katy, TX

Gary Kerr
Business Mgr (Non-Voting)

Cathleen Parks in Katy, TX

Cathleen Parks

Jeanna Bickerstaff in Katy, TX

Jeanna Bickerstaff
Director of Cirriculum